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To improve the lives of billions of people.

Mission Statement

We are seekers who find the state of humanity inadequate. We believe the unrealized potential of the individual is both the source and solution to this problem. Our goal is to inspire fellow seekers to tap into their unlimited potential, through a personalized combination of philosophy, science, technology, and community.

Our Definition of Personal Evolution:

The process of shifting your perception by removing the contradicting thoughts, beliefs, and actions that stand between who you are now and who you want to become.

What We Do…

We Can Help You Evolve Your…


The vast majority of us wrestle with our self-esteem throughout our lives. Many don’t feel worthy of a better life. The fear of failure can lead to numerous regrets. How often does your perceived lack of value hold you back?

See yourself the way we do! You have value and the world needs you.

Mental Well-Being

Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy mindset. Whether we are consumed by what other people think about us, feel sad or anxious, or even paralyzed by fear, the road to mental wellness often feels treacherous. This may cause us to find ways to escape these emotions. Left unresolved, they can disrupt our mental well-being, leaving us feeling defeated or hopeless. Has this been your experience?

Learn how to process these emotions by developing clarity about the beliefs that fuel them.

Physical Health

Creating and sustaining peak health is challenging for many of us. We clash with the thought of altering our diet or physical condition. When we do, we often lose weight only to gain it back again. Even when we constantly feel sick, the idea of adjusting our lifestyle is met with resistance. Is there something about your health you want to improve but are failing to so?

Achieving your physical potential will require you to identify and change the beliefs that drive your behaviors.


Our world today is one where many feel socially isolated. We deal with social anxiety, find ourselves in unhealthy relationships, or have difficulty even forming them. So many of us feel misunderstood and not really heard. Have you ever felt alone in a room full of people?

Become part of our community’s movement to create connection. We support your evolution!


We hear about people every day who feel lost or trapped in jobs they don’t enjoy. They feel anxious about going to work or dejected about their career choices. Fear drives them into doing what they have to do instead of what they want to do. Seventy percent of people are unhappy in their career, sound familiar?

Don’t look back on your life with regret about your choices. Seize the day!


Just thinking about money can cause strong feelings. We may constantly dwell on debt and worry about how we will make it to our next paycheck. We can see money as a trap or have negative experiences attached to it. Can you see yourself free of concerns about money?

Shift your relationship with money. Let us help you achieve the financial freedom you desire!

Watch Trailer Now!

(18) 1h 48min 2019
Starring: Beau Lotto, Trent Shelton, Henry Ammar, Tom Bilyeu

Released: 2019 
Run Time: 108 min 
Genres: Special Interest, Documentary


The feature length documentary film “Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing” hits the ground running today saying not only that we as a species need to change to continue thriving, but that it’s time to Evolve. Let this very well done documentary on show you how to rediscover the two concepts that create your life: Perception & Emotions.

Meet the teachers who will show you how to harness the power of these concepts to create the life you desire. This film takes you on the parallel journeys of two people. Looking deep into how their false perception of self, lead them to disastrous outcomes. “Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing” is available now on Amazon and currently holds a 5 Star rating.



Beau Lotto


Trent Shelton

Motivational Speaker & Founder of Rehabers

Tom Bilyeu

Founder of Qwest & Impact Theory

Lilian Garcia

Host of Chasing Glory Podcast & Entertainer

Kamrin Carver

Clinical Director, LMFT, CSAT

Henry Ammar

Influencer & Life Coach

What People Are Saying About The Movie…

Everyone needs to see this! I walked away from this movie feeling like there was hope for humanity, not in the form of environmental controls, or gun laws, or nuclear disarmament, but instead by the point that this movie makes so simple, which is that no one is lost, no fall is too great, and that the ability to change the lens by which you view yourself and your world is within your control. Your universe exists inside of you, and that by changing your perceptions, you change your reality.

Aaron Stitt

I enjoyed this way more than I expected to. Most self-help documentaries are too cheesy, corny, etc. I’m not into pep talks, but this actually has substance.

Ryan Treft

Fantastic movie! Very engaging and it explains so well how perception plays a role in our lives. I learned a lot from this documentary. The delivery of the content is very engaging. The visual materials helped me so much to visualize and see the stories. My biggest take from it is the way perception plays a role in our lives and defines the things we take as facts that define who we are. I’m looking forward to reading the book when is out.


AMAZING! I attended Powerful U and it was one of the best experiences that I needed as a person. It was something that I was looking for not only for me, but for my students. I was able to turn this into a lesson plan and shown it to all my high school students, and have been getting positive feedback from my all my students. This was also perfect for Mental health awareness month, bringing motivation and showing my students they can achieve whatever they put their mind too. I highly recommend this video! I love everything about the cause and the people who created Powerful U.

Steve Solis

Brilliantly presented! A very touching, thought provoking and insightful story.

David Sherwood

This is an awesome video with life changing ideas. Love, love, love!!


February 8th 2020
555 Main St. Salt Lake City, UT


Amberly Lago | Coach Kim Giles | Drew Manning | Michell Powers | Rachele Brooke Smith
Rosie Acosta | Steph Purpura | Tara Mackey | Tiffany Peterson | Tim Ballard

Perception Sketch™

What is Perception Sketch™?

We all have a unique blend of innate or natural abilities, coupled with our individual mindset. In fact, it’s this wonderful diversity that empowers us to face challenges, overcome setbacks, and seize opportunities to live up to our full potential.Research shows that individuals who find lasting fulfillment and success in their lives, possess certain key attributes. So if you want to remove barriers, reach your potential, and realize your dreams, you need to better understand how your perceptions dictate your life.

See what your sketch says about you, your goals and your potential.

Take The Assessment

“If you want to change, stop asking yourself what you need to do differently and start asking yourself what you need to perceive differently”


“We spend our whole lives
slaying our dragons on the outside never realizing the source of our dragons are on the inside”


The work harder, run faster approach to personal development
only works if you
re already going in the right direction


“Achieving success is like banging your head on a wall to get to the other side. When you do break through, you are the only one standing there”


Faith is acting as if something has already happened when there is
no evidence to support the fact that it will


“You can stop worrying what other people think of you.
They are too busy worrying about what you think of them”


Do you ever feel like
you walked in on the wrong part
of someones
 internal conversation?


“Most experts agree that your self-esteem is established by the time you’re five years old. Do you really want your fiveyearold self deciding how your life will turn out?”


POWERFUL U | Co-Founders

James and Steph’s journey of transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Before they met 15 years ago, both of their lives had hit rock bottom. They were both financially, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. Life had beaten them down and shattered their self-esteem. At the lowest point in their lives, they met and were united by a shared vision of creating and becoming more. They started the only place they could by working on themselves and helping each other grow. They believed in each other but more importantly, they challenged each other every step of the way, and never settled.


You, And Everyone In Your Life Need To See This! The Powerful U Experience, LA was LIFE CHANGING. Movie is just as amazing- MIND BLOWING content. The dream cannot die. It can’t. There is too much value in the vision of James Purpura. Tell everybody you know about this film, don’t cheat them out of the experience.
– Priscilla

What a display of talents, vision and teamwork! Just a quick note to sincerely thank everyone who made the weekend a spectacular sight and simply wonderful for me! (and everyone else!) It was such an amazing collection of speakers and talent devoted to serving with a desire to help others evolve! My deepest regards and respect to all involved!”
– Ramona Watts

This event literally GAVE MY POWER BACK! Listening to the stories of others that I admire and learning from how they overcame obstacles it taught me to STOP BEING A VICTIM of my circumstances. Thank you from my heart for changing my perception and allowing me to attend such a wonderful event. Be of service to others. Be kind to yourself. Be THE POWERFUL U that YOU ARE.  After all there is only U.”
– Renae Plude

To think that I could have gone my entire life without feeling what I did in that moment… I believe it set free my soul. I just want to share one excerpt from my experience. Henry asked the audience to turn to their neighbor and look them in their eyes. When I turned to the person next to me, I realized I was sitting next to a girl I had unintentionally sat by twice during the conference. We had already hugged, high-fived, and shared stories but the experience kept bringing us back together as if we hadn’t yet served our purpose to each other. When we started looking into each other’s eyes, I was incredibly uncomfortable. I rocked from one foot to the other, laughed, blinked, hoped it would be over soon. Then, I heard a voice from within say, “Stop being seen and just see”.  I followed the command without resistance and released awareness of being seen. Without effort, I found myself looking into her eyes as if I knew exactly what I was looking for. We were asked to see emotions and experiences and I saw everything, her pain, fear, doubt, abandon, and a need to be seen. As I felt love pouring out of my eyes and into hers, tears started rolling down her face. She didn’t interrupt our connection to wipe or hide them and we stood there, me sending her love, her receiving it. I was giving all the love I could, a gift I always have in reserve and but rarely give freely. In being vulnerable enough to be seen and allowing herself to be worthy of accepting my love, she was giving me a gift as well.  In that moment, she allowed me to be enough. I heard the voice within speak again, this time it said, “See, you were just enough for her””
– Jessie

I had never been to an event like this in real life before. I was able to attend half a day of the LA conference, and I wanted to share with you how much I love these kinds of speakers and listen to many of them on all the podcasts, yet I have never been to a conference where they spoke. I have seen the Tony Robbins “get the crowd jumping” model through media, but never in person. I brought my 19-yr-old. It was a new experience for us both! I had only been to the LA convention center for all-star cheer completions … which on some levels this felt like! I helped pot a few together with and for friends.”
– Eva


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