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The Movie:
Perception Seeing Is Not Believing

The first step in your journey of personal evolution is to do something you’ve done hundreds of times before on countless nights, watch a movie. We have put our hearts and souls into creating a film that both explains the Powerful U movement and explains what Perception is and how it may be the most powerful force for change in our lives yet.

The Book:
Perception Seeing Is Not Believing

Get the ultimate book on the science of our perceptions, told with the gripping stories of 2 individuals lives, from birth to adulthood. The questions asked are highly relevant for our time, and the answers will move you to tears.

  • Why do we sometimes not see ourselves like others see us?
  • How can we know how others truly perceive us?
  • Why do some of us seem to be inherently negative, and others eternally optimistic?
  • How do we change? And does change always have to be painful?

Perception Sketch

What is Perception Sketch™?

We all have a unique blend of innate or natural abilities, coupled with our individual mindset. In fact, it’s this wonderful diversity that empowers us to face challenges, overcome setbacks, and seize opportunities to live up to our full potential.Research shows that individuals who find lasting fulfillment and success in their lives, possess certain key attributes. So if you want to remove barriers, reach your potential, and realize your dreams, you need to better understand how your perceptions dictate your life.

See what your sketch says about you, your goals and your potential.

Perception Alignment

Looking to understand your PerceptionSketch results or align your perceptions with what you want to create in your life? Struggling to see how to get the dream job, relationship, physical health, or finances you’ve always wanted? Our coaches are trained to help you see more opportunities, embrace the necessary risk to seize those opportunities, and take sustainable action towards your goals!


We all come to this planet as helpless, fragile human beings.  Although our circumstances and environments may be different, we share in this human experience. As we move through our separate journeys, we join with others and together we seek to explore who we are, how we got here, and where we want to go. 

The Powerful U Community is all about bringing together individuals that strive to live to their fullest potential and share their knowledge with others. We believe that by lifting each other up we can all rise together and evolve! To that end, we have multiple avenues to bring our community together. Check out our FB Lives to have powerful discussions, articles of Powerful Thoughts from our community, or thought-provoking and uplifting posts on our social media!