Who else misses this amazing stage? We do, We do! 💜
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“It was an awesome experience! I would love to be part of another. Would love to be behind the scenes working with people!!”
“Everyone did a FANTASTIC collaboration to put this together! I’m so glad I went🤗 Truly a quality inspirational event! Thank You!🙏❤️”
“Most beautiful stage I have ever seen!😍”
“I have a confession to make.  I’m from Miami and I flew to Salt Lake for the event. On the first day, before the first speaker came to stage I fell trying to catch one of the t-shirts that were being thrown from stage.  The minute I fell to the floor I felt my foot was broken but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to miss the experience.  I walked around with two fractures in my left foot for two days.  The second day I realized the pain was too much and I changed my flight to return early.  I did miss the evening part of the second day.  When I came home and went to the hospital to had my foot checked I found out that when I fell I broke two metatarsal bones.  Today I was able to stand on both my feet for the first time in more than 4 weeks.  Some people said that it was a mistake to continue walking with a broken foot for two days but the truth is I gain so much in other aspects by staying at the event that I don’t regret my decision.  I’m ready for the next one.”
“Incredible! To be invited to step on that stage and break through my fear to “Tell my story” YES..haha, anyday! Powerful-U, lifechanging! PURA VIDA :)”
“Best conference ever!!!”
@Marla Goldstein Lewis 
“Working on some things today! All the speakers were awesome! It was really neat to shake the hands of the organizers and many of the speakers thanks for all your efforts James, Steph, and everyone involved.”
@Brandon Peterson
“YES!!! The most amazing get together of like minded people ever!!!! Led by a phenomenal couple and the best line up of speakers on the planet! Thank you James and Steph for the incredible experience! Can’t wait to hear what is next!!”
@Brianne Meszaros
“I am still in awe of how wonderful this weekend was. Thank you all so much for putting that together and sharing your stories. I look forward to the next one and will be honored to help out”
@Heidi Martin- Sharman
“For sure!! You guys are incredible and this experience completely blew us away. You nailed it and it was beyond EPIC💥. We are so grateful for being apart of this memorable experience. Thank you for all you did for this event. You guys freaking rock. We look forward to many more events in the future. Cheers”
@Brenden Lewer 
“Is that what a hangover feels like 🙂 I just got back home to California and all day my brain, my thoughts, my focus seems to be going round and round, overwhelmed… AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I loved it. I’m 100% in on our next venture together.”
@Rosa Anguiano-Garcia
“Aye… The world looks different. We’re going to manage our hangover, but there is a sense of loss that seems to be hanging on. It’s almost as if Powerful U would be a preferred state of consciousness, living every moment “just about to listen to Tom, Jay, Lewis, Mel, Beau or James”. Or, just meeting more of our tribe walking around, eating or just gazing. We echo the gratitude towards James and Stephany and all of the volunteers and to the beautiful people that taught us to question everything and create new perceptions filled with each other in them. Mark us committed to next year and into the future with Powerful U.”
@Jesse Silva
“It was an honor to help! It was such a special and important thing to be a part of. The Powerful U team is hands down the best company with the most important mission filled with rad human beings! Thank you for all the work that went into this that made it seem like you’ve perfected this over years of hard work. I wish I could tell you every thank you, every compliment, every story that was shared about this event. People are so on board with your mission. A special thank you to Nicole for saying yes when I reached out to help. Looking forward to future events! Hopefully your kiddos let you get naps in today!”
“This event made my year. Everyone was amazing. Thank you so much!”
@Adita Lang
“I have been to a lot of events and this one was the best! The energy was so welcoming and amazing. The speakers were incredible. Def evolved!”
@Chris Lengle
“Powerful U Thank you thank you thank you ❤️ to everyone who touched this unforgettable super impactful event in any way! From the Speakers, the Powerful U team, the Volunteers, the whole Audience, the people that worked behind the scenes for your LOVE, HUMILITY, GENEROSITY and GRATEFULNESS. I have learned something from each of the people I had an honor to meet and listen to. I am forever grateful for the Powerful U family ❤️ Thank you for touching my heart and everyone else’s❤️ can’t wait for the FAMILY reunion! P.S. Oliver is about to 5,4,3,2,1 Rocket Launch 😀”
@Dorota Trojak 
“I give my deepest gratitude to James and Steph for opening up and sharing their story with all of us and the whole Powerful U team for putting together a one of a kind conf for us to learn from so many inspirational speakers. I highly recommend James and Steph to put together a video sharing their story because more people need to hear it as many can relate to it in some way shape or form. Tk you tk you tk you so much 🙇‍♀️”
@Purvi Sonia Davé 
“I do, I do!! Ideas in, ideas out! … Haven’t stopped conspiring about the next steps in our business since we got in the car to head to AZ! 😜”
@Lynn Sherwood-Humphries 
“Thank you James & Steph. It was amazing. Cannot wait to see what you have planed for the future. I will certainly yell it from the rooftops for you.”
@Ed Goyette
“Awesome experience and already sharing with anyone who will listen (and then some) starting with my kids of course. My son Joaquin really liked hearing about Lewis Howes story (since he played college ball and my son intends to get a full ride for basketball) and said he already told his friends if any of them mess with stuff that will get in the way of chasing his dreams then they will have to watch him from the other side of success. He’s 11. Never too young to instill the good stuff!!”
@Nicholle Bale
“This was truly one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. Can’t wait for the next one.”
@Sheri Howe Lawrence 
“I had a great time, I wish I could come to SLC quarterly for a 2-day tune-up! Same price would be fine if content quality is high!”
@Shepard Humphries 

Share Your Story!

Share your story!  Join us for our new Vodcast as we hear from our community.  U are part of this movement and we want to hear from U!

Thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting our movement.  Powerful U is about U! We are so humbled by the positive response and outpouring of gratitude and insights from our first event.  We know so many of you want to hear more from us and, just like us, are excited about what the future holds for Powerful U.

The Powerful U Experience created positive impact because of you!  We loved hearing your experiences and, most of all, we loved hearing your stories.  Each of us has a story to tell and share with the world. Which is why we want to extend to each of you the opportunity to share your story.  The world needs you and to hear your story.

The Powerful U Experience

Thank you to everyone who made the Powerful U Experience SLC, UT possible!

Powerful Quotes

Loving ones self fully and completely is the greatest gift that anyone can give to the world.
– James Purpura
When you start peeling back the layers of you, what you find at the bottom will be the greatest discovery of your life.
– James Purpura
Don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible.
– James Purpura
You’re not waiting on a miracle, the miracle is waiting on you!
– James Purpura
Do you ever feel like you walked in on the wrong part of someones internal conversation?
– James Purpura
You can stop worrying what other people think of you. They are too busy worrying about what you think of them.
– James Purpura
Faith is acting as if something has already happened when there is no evidence to support the fact that it will. 
– James Purpura
Achieving success is like banging your head on a wall to get to the other side. When you do break through, you are the only one standing there.
– James Purpura
We spend our whole lives slaying our dragons on the outside never realizing the source of our dragons are on the inside.
– James Purpura
If you want to change, stop asking yourself what you need to do differently and start asking yourself what you need to perceive differently.
– James Purpura
The work harder, run faster approach to personal development only works if youre already going in the right direction. 
– James Purpura
Most experts agree that your self-esteem is established by the time you’re five years old. Do you really want your fiveyearold self deciding how your life will turn out?
– James Purpura

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