Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high performance coach, the most requested motivational speaker of his generation, and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history.

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Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is the best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world. She inspires more than 20 million people a month with transformative videos, articles, positive psychology research.

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Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a former monk turned award-winning digital strategist and captivating storyteller, speaker, and viral content creator, with over 2 billion video views and over 14 million followers globally. Jay was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017.

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Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a New York Times Bestselling author of ‘The School of Greatness’ and ‘The Mask of Masculinity’, a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker. His podcast, The School of Greatness has over 60 million views.

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Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth is a National advocate for child abduction and New York Times best-selling author of “My Story” and “You’re Not Alone: The Journey From Abduction to Empowerment.” She is also the Founder of the “Elizabeth Smart Foundation”, and Elizabeth has also helped promote The National AMBER Alert, The Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act and other safety legislation to help prevent abductions.

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Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is one of the founders of billion dollar company Quest Nutrition. As a way to give back, Tom founded Impact Theory studios, with the aim to teach and inspire hundreds of millions of people to adopt an empowering mindset and breakout of the Matrix.

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Shonduras, social media influencer, revolutionized the Snapchat platform by organically growing one of the largest and most engaged audiences. He understands the social psychology behind getting fans to engage and participate with his content.

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Leila Janah

Leila, a Lifestyle entrepreneur, has a simple and effective approach to lifting people out of poverty: give people work, not money — because a living wage transforms lives. She has created four companies and written two books devoted to this idea.

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Grant Thompson

Grant began his YouTube channel as a way to share his knowledge and experience with the world. Now 6 years later with over 6 million subscribers, Grant has a strong and loyal fan base who eagerly await his next project. 

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Beau Lotto

Beau, a Neuroscientist and perception expert has given two TED talks, which have amassed over 6 million views. In Beau’s book Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently, he draws on over two decades of pioneering research on perception

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Alex Banayan

Alex hacked the Price is Right to fund his dream of writing the book, The Third Door, where he tracks down dozens of the world’s most successful people to uncover their secrets to success. He has been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list.

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Charlie Houpert

Charlie, the founder of the wildly popular Youtube channel Charisma on Command which has over 100,000,000 views, teaches young people the interpersonal skills and self-confidence it takes to succeed in today’s competitive business culture.

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The Powerful U Experience

Salt Palace Convention Center | SLC, UT
Nov. 2nd – 3rd, 2018


To gain valuable insight into these 5 areas of both your Personal & Professional life.


Understand where you are and how you got there


Become aware of disconnection between leaders & employees


Create a clear picture of what it is you want


Clarity around your shared vision unifies your employees


Cultivate fulfilling relationships


Employees who feel trusted, appreciated, and connected stay


Take action towards your vision


Employees who execute efficiently are more productive


Remain strong in the face of adversity and obstacles between you and your vision


When employees are resilient, companies survive challenging times


When all of these pieces come together for your business or personal life, the end result will always be growth.



Do you feel like sleeping is your only escape?
Do you feel like you are in a constant state of survival?
Does fear of the unknown keep you stressed and paralyzed?
Are you consumed by what other people think about you?


Do you struggle with body image?
Have you ever lost weight only to gain it all back?
Do you resist improving your diet?
Are you constantly sick?


Do you keep finding yourself in unhealthy relationships?
Do you have a hard time forming relationships?
Do feel constantly misunderstood?
If you’re alone, do you feel desperate to find love?


Do you feel anxious thinking about going to your job?
Have you been overlooked for a promotion?
Does fear determine how you make career choices?
Are you tired of doing what you have to do instead of what you want to do?


Do you feel anxious when you think about money?
Do you think about your debt constantly?
Do you view money as a tool or a trap?
Do you ever see yourself completely financially free?


Do you have low self-esteem?
Do you feel like you are not worthy of the life you desire?
Does the fear of failure keep you from trying?
Do you have too many regrets?


See Better Opportunities

Make Inspired Decisions

Take Sustainable Action

Personal Segment

The World’s First Personal Evolution Event

Friday Night and Saturday

Who should attend:
Seekers and anyone who has an unrealized dream

Welcome to The Powerful U Experience

Have you ever wondered why some areas of your life work and others don’t?

Are you passionate about personal development but can’t justify spending thousands on it?

When you go online, do you suffer from content overload?

Are you frustrated with all of the contradicting information on social media?

In a world where we have so much information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know which advice fits our needs. How do we find the right guidance to help us on our journey?

Imagine having a customized approach that addresses your needs.

For the first time ever, Mel Robbins, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes and Jay Shetty will be sharing the same stage! With the help of Beau Lotto, leading neuroscientist in the field of perception, we will guide you on your Hero’s Journey. We will tell this story from the perspective of a man and a woman. Working with these teachers’ strengths, we have combined the content into a seamless story creating a unique experience. Starting in your childhood, you will see how your perceptions are formed and how they impact your life today. Most experts agree, your self-esteem is established by the time you’re five years old.

Do you really want your five-year-old self to play such a major role in deciding how your life will unfold?

You will become aware of the subconscious beliefs that create what your mind perceives as reality. We will help you understand what dictates your decision-making process. Then, we will teach you how to get rid of the false and limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in the Matrix. We will show you how to adopt a more empowering mindset. Through the power of vulnerability, you will discover how to feel safe and secure enough to take on the level of fear and uncertainty required to do great things. We will teach you how to break bad habits and how to form new ones. Finally, we will give you the resources necessary to start executing on your dreams!

What makes this event different?

Read More

You do! It is all about your needs. We want every person that attends this event to have a life-changing experience. You might ask, “How will they accomplish this?” We will make it interactive and customized to your needs. It’s a big undertaking, we know. Let us walk you through how it’s going to work.

We are going to start by helping you understand your needs. Not your physical needs, we’re sure you have a clear picture of that. We want to help you realize what you are missing in order to move forward on your journey. This is where the customization comes into the picture. We are all at different points in life. There is no one size fits all solution. If there were, you would’ve already found it.

No more guessing and hoping that this tip or trick will be the one that works for you. You need facts about yourself and we will help you find them.

We do this by helping you answer three questions:
  • Where am I?
  • How did I get here?
  • How am I going to move forward?

This might seem simple, but understanding the answer to these three questions will change everything for you.

Let me explain. It is easy to get caught up in the “work harder, run faster” approach. Isn’t that what you’ve been doing your whole life? Why would you start running faster if you are going in the wrong direction? That’s why it’s so important to ask these three questions. All journeys have to start with a fundamental understanding of where you are. Then, you have to figure out how you came to be here. If you don’t, you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that landed you here in the first place. Which means you will end up right where you started.

Once you have a clear picture of where you are and how you got there, then, and only then, can you start to move forward towards your vision.

How do we help you do that?

Prior the the event, we will give you a free copy of our personal evaluation test called Growth Sketch. This state of the art assessment will pinpoint exactly where you are now. We test your perceptions about the three fundamental building blocks that are essential for growth. Here’s what we can tell you: You will discover how your perception impacts the four major aspects of life: Relationships, Health, Finances, and Career.

The results of this assessment will be a direct reflection of your current life. This is extremely valuable information because you will learn the areas where you’re stuck, and the steps you need to move forward. The exciting part is, by helping you identify beforehand what areas you need to focus on, you will know what parts of the speaker’s presentation will be most important to you.

We will also make the event interactive through live polling. You will be able to answer live questions from our speakers which will help you connect to the content on a deeper level. Your opinions will become part of the experience. You will see your old beliefs change right before your eyes, and your transformation will become part of the experience unfolding live on stage!  

Now that you have a clear picture of what’s in store for you at the event, let’s explore how the content will help you with your evolution.

At Powerful U, we believe that life is not about finding answers, it’s about asking the right questions. Any great adventure begins with a question. Here is the question that starts our journey, which just happens to be the same question we started this description with:

Have you ever wondered why some areas of your life work and others don’t?

Understanding the answer to this very simple question will change everything.

Whether you realize it or not, each and everyone of you is a success and a failure. It just depends on which part of your life you are talking about. You may have no money, but your relationships are out of this world, or you might have a successful career, but your health is in the toilet. The takeaway is this: We all have some things we are good at in life. It might not be the things you are trying to create in your life right now, but you have experienced success.

Why is this important? Because you already have the blueprint for success inside of you! We just need to show you how to duplicate the success you have in one area and apply it to another. You know the saying: Success breeds success. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well…It can be if you’re asking the right question. So what is the right question?

The obvious question is, “What am I doing differently in the part of my life that is successful?”

That would be the right question if life was about doing, but life is not about doing. It’s about being. What is the difference you ask? Well, first of all doing is a part of being, but only a part. The other aspects of being are thinking, feeling, and believing.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Great, now there are four things I have focus on!”

Not exactly…

The four aspects of Being which are thinking, feeling, doing, and believing

all work together and are applied to your life through a process called perceiving.

So, the right question is, “How am I perceiving the part of my life, that is successful, differently?”

It all comes back to perception. Which is why our event is based on evolving your perception.

But why? Is perception really that important?

Perception is everything!

Let me explain:

In order to understand Perception you first need to understand how it is we create our lives.

The concept of personal creation is huge right now, and teaching people how it works is a billion dollar industry. You have heard concepts like “The Law of attraction” or you hear things like “you become what you think about” or “thoughts become things” these concepts both over simplify and over complicate the process at the same time.

Then, there are the more functional ideas floating around about creating the life you desire. We hear things like, “You need more creativity, clarity, awareness, mindfulness, and purpose.” or “You need better self esteem, confidence, or mindset.” You may have also been told you don’t have enough “persistence, grit, determination or courage” to achieve your goals. All of these are great and can help you on your journey but, they aren’t the fundamental building blocks of personal creation.

The real answer is much easier to understand and makes more sense then all of the concepts above.

So, what are they you ask?

Well, when you break it down, there are only three elements of personal creation:

  • Recognizing opportunities
  • Making decisions
  • Taking action

Makes sense, right? If you think about it, those are the only things creation could be based on.

If you want to create a better life for yourself, you have to learn how to do these three things better. This means you need to understand how they work.

In order to do that, you need to understand the one thing that dictates every opportunity you see or don’t see, every decision you do or don’t make, and every action you do or don’t take.

And of course that one thing is…

You guessed it, Perception (We did give you a lot of hints).

That makes perception is the primary factor that determines the direction of your life.

And that, my friends, is why Perception is so damn important and why understanding it is everything!

It is why a big part of the Powerful U Experience focuses on teaching you how perception works. Specifically, how it works as it relates to seeing opportunities, making decisions, and taking action. We are also going to show you how to evolve your perception to see your world differently, so you can reach your goals and live your dreams.  

I will admit Evolving Your Perception is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, but if you want to grow, this shift has to happen whether it is conscious or unconscious.

At Powerful U, we believe in taking an “eyes wide open” approach to life, and that is what we want to help you do as well. We sincerely hope you will join us on this journey.

Professional Segment

Friday 9am-5pm 

Who should attend:
Employees, Managers, Entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in building a business or personal brand on social media.

Whether you work at a startup, a large corporation, or you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your dream, our professional segment has something for you. We have some of the worlds best success coaches and an entrepreneur, who has experience building a billion-dollar business that ranked #2 on Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing companies. Our speakers have a combined social media following of over 35 million people and over 4 billion video views across all social media platforms. This innovative and exciting group of speakers will teach you how to build your business by enhancing your skills, helping you connect with your employees and customers in ways you never dreamed possible.
Topics and concepts will include:
  •     How to build an exceptional culture in the new millennium
  •     Creating clarity around your vision to align customers, employees, and management
  •     Using vision and culture to sustain employee retention
  •     Learn the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern times
  •     Cultivating charisma, a winning attitude, and more self-confidence
  •     Leveraging Facebook to enhance your brand
  •     You’ve heard of Agile Project Management, introducing Agile Leadership
  •     Two-hour Q & A session with a billion-dollar entrepreneur
  •     Utilizing all social media platforms to maximize your impact
  •     How to build a socially conscious business
  •     Learn the habits of highly successful people
  •     YouTube – How to build a brand on the world’s second largest search engine
  •     How to produce a TPS report (If you did not get this you are too young or uncultured)

More Details Coming Soon…


Transform Your Life


James & Steph Purpura

James and Steph’s journey of transformation is nothing short of extraordinary.  Before they met 15 years ago, both of their lives had hit rock bottom. They were both financially, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. Life had beaten them down and shattered their self-esteem. At the lowest point in their lives, they met and were united by a shared vision of creating and becoming more.  They started the only place they could by working on themselves and helping each other grow. They believed in each other but more importantly, they challenged each other every step of the way, and never settled…

Read More

Shortly after meeting, Steph wrote James’ first resume and taught him how to send an email.  This began James’ unlikely career in technology. Around this time, they also started a family.  Fast forward fifteen years, after many ups and downs and a lot of hard work, Steph and James recently sold their tech company, one of the world’s largest construction software companies.  They now have five beautiful children and live an extraordinary life. Through this journey of self-creation, they developed a personal philosophy centered around perception.  They believe perception, more than any other factor, will determine how someone’s life will turn out. James and Steph started Powerful U as their way to give back to the world. They believe that through the knowledge they accumulated on their journey they can help others live the life they desire.  Their dream is to bring personal development to the masses by making it affordable and readily available to all seekers. This event is the first step in realizing that dream.  An event of this magnitude would normally cost well over a thousand dollars.  To stay true to their vision, they are selling tickets for much less and offering a scholarship program so all that want to attend, can attend.
Loving ones self fully and completely is the greatest gift that anyone can give to the world.
– James Purpura
When you start peeling back the layers of you, what you find at the bottom will be the greatest discovery of your life.
– James Purpura
Don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible.
– James Purpura
You’re not waiting on a miracle, the miracle is waiting on you!
– James Purpura
Do you ever feel like you walked in on the wrong part of someones internal conversation?
– James Purpura
You can stop worrying what other people think of you. They are too busy worrying about what you think of them.
– James Purpura
Faith is acting as if something has already happened when there is no evidence to support the fact that it will. 
– James Purpura
Achieving success is like banging your head on a wall to get to the other side. When you do break through, you are the only one standing there.
– James Purpura
We spend our whole lives slaying our dragons on the outside never realizing the source of our dragons are on the inside.
– James Purpura
If you want to change, stop asking yourself what you need to do differently and start asking yourself what you need to perceive differently.
– James Purpura
The work harder, run faster approach to personal development only works if youre already going in the right direction. 
– James Purpura
Most experts agree that your self-esteem is established by the time you’re five years old. Do you really want your fiveyearold self deciding how your life will turn out?
– James Purpura



This transformative experience brings world-renowned influencers, visionaries and entrepreneurs directly to the Salt Lake area.

This two day event will expand your awareness and open you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Our speakers bring their unique knowledge from around the globe that will help you Evolve and become the best version of U.

Early Bird General Admission


Get Early Bird pricing before it’s gone!

This pass is a general admission ticket that gives you access to the entire 2-day event.

This is your pass to Personal Evolution!



A portion of the proceeds from this ticket will go towards our scholarship program.

You will receive VIP seating and a Benefactor T-Shirt will be mailed to you prior to the event!

It’s our way of thanking you for making this event possible for someone else. Thank you!

Be A Benefactor

We want all seekers to be able to join us on this evolutionary journey. You can make this a reality by simply buying a VIP ticket. By purchasing this level, you will get VIP seating, a T-shirt and a portion of this ticket will go towards our scholarship program. You can make a difference in someone’s life with a simple click. Congratulations on creating a powerful opportunity for another person!

Scholarship Program

We believe everyone should have access to knowledge and the ability to expand their mindset. Our scholarships allow people unable to pay the full price of admission access to this event. They are made possible by contributions from the benefactors. Our dream is to bring Personal Evolution to the masses by making this event affordable and readily available to all seekers.


Join The Evolution!


Look how far people are willing to travel to evolve!


520 N Marketplace Dr suite 300 Centerville, UT 84014


+1 (801) 823-1660