Follow the story of two individuals, slowly spiraling into oblivion trying desperately to make sense of their lives.

Witness them fall into their personal rock bottoms and painstakingly crawl back out. Learn about the key principles that enabled them to transform their lives from a living hell into a life they love.

Every one of us goes through a journey in life that is unique to our personal experiences and perceptions.

They all have common themes: Each of us start as a child exploring life, at some point, falling into fear when we realize we are separate or different from the ones we love, and later become aware of death. This is the beginning of our relationship with fear, which all other uncertainties stem from. Many can become consumed by their fears. Finding themselves living through the same struggles in life, only to have them keep repeating. Stuck inside the Matrix.

Climb out of the Matrix by understanding the journey we all take and how our Perceptions and Emotions are the tools we need to help us on our climb out!

Wondering what others are saying about the book?

Perception Seeing Is Not Believing


Get the ultimate book on the science of our perceptions, told with the gripping stories of 2 individuals’ lives, from birth to adulthood. The questions asked are highly relevant…



You have questions. As Beau Lotto says: 

Nothing interesting begins with an answer, it begins with a question!

A deeper understanding of:


  • The role perception plays in our lives and how to shift it.
  • How to use your emotions as your guide to understanding your perceptions.
  • How to deal with anxiety and fear using our Emotional Integration Technique.
  • The themes in our journeys that all of us go through.

This a deep dive into perception and its role in either limiting or creating our lives. It walks you through the human experience (there’s even a diagram) connecting practical tools with science-based methods and actionable steps, including an assessment and a meditative process too!

Your perception is the one thing that dictates every opportunity you see, decision you make, and action you do or don’t take. Perception plays a critical role throughout your life. Understanding how it works will enable you to see the opportunities to achieve your goals, make the right decisions, and take sustainable action.

Fear and uncertainty are part of everyone’s life experience. Fear is often a result of being uncertain. How we respond and relate to them is all about our life experiences. What do we mean by that? Each of us has a unique relationship with them, based on our past experiences and also our neurological wiring. When we access fear, we also lose access with logic and reason. We need to change our relationship with fear and this book shows you how.

There’s a technique created by our founders called The Emotional Integration Technique. This is a meditative process designed to help resolve and release limiting beliefs we all created from our past experiences. It’s life-changing, scientifically backed, and available for you anytime you need it!

It’s true. The statistics on change are not in our favor either. It is possible though. See what James has to say, specifically, about the subject of change! He gets real and raw about it.  He also gives you practical tools to help you through it. The reality is: Either you will or you won’t. But, if you have the tools and information to help you, you’re far more likely to succeed. Are you ready to open a new chapter of your life?