PerceptionSketch (FULL Version)

PerceptionSketch (FULL Version)


PerceptionSketch (FULL Version)


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The first assessment that doesn’t tell you who you are…but who you think you are.

  • What impact does perception play in your life?
  • Who do you see the world like?
  • Is your perception getting between you and your potential?
  • Is your perception getting in the way of your relationships?

PerceptionSketch™ is a combination of the best science from all the personal assessments available and is the first of its kind to assess your Perception of yourself in the 3 most impactful areas of ones life. Mindset, Capacity, Power. 

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We all have a unique blend of innate or natural abilities, coupled with our individual mindset. In fact, it’s this wonderful diversity that empowers us to face challenges, overcome setbacks, and seize opportunities to live up to our full potential.

Research shows that individuals who find lasting fulfillment and success in their lives, possess certain key attributes. So if you want to remove barriers, reach your potential, and realize your dreams, you need to better understand how your perceptions dictate your life.

Do you have a growth Mindset, the Capacity to take risks, and possess Power to affect change in your life?

The assessment results provide you with a perception profile or “Sketch” which indicates your ability to recognize opportunity, make the right decisions, and take sustainable action.

PerceptionSketch™ is not a definition of who you are, but rather a snapshot of how your current perceptions might be affecting the way you view your world. This assessment will challenge what you consciously believe about yourself, so you might not agree 100% with the results, but that is by design.

The assessment examines 12 specific categories that define the 3 Key Attributes of your Perception. The pattern of your answers will suggest where your overall ‘Sketch’ tends to be aligned in the 3 Key Attributes.



Growth mindset for enhancing natural abilities and qualities, in order to recognize and identify opportunities essential for reaching our full potential.

The objective for this section is to help you recognize more Opportunities in any aspect of your life by shifting from a ‘Fixed’ to a ‘Growth’ MINDSET where necessary in all 4 areas — Innate Traits, Environment, Worth, and Ability.


Fundamental safety needs met at a basic level, leading to the capacity for taking on the level of risk necessary to make the decisions to tackle obstacles and remove barriers.

The objective for this section is to increase your CAPACITY to take on ‘Opportunity Risk’ in any aspect of your life, once you feel sufficiently safe and secure in all 4 areas—Physical Safety, Emotional Safety, Group Acceptance, and Self Esteem.


Believe that taking responsibility for our own outcomes, circumstances, and attitudes gives us true power to take the actions necessary to execute on our dreams.

The objective for this section is to increase your POWER to take sustainable action in any aspect of your life by reducing ‘Blame’ and ‘Excuses’ and assuming Responsibility in all 4 areas — Outcomes, Actions, Circumstances, and Attitude.


We all have a unique combination of Mindset, Capacity and Power, with which we face challenges, overcome setbacks, and seek fulfillment. Each perception ‘Sketch’ below outlines the degree to which various profile types recognize opportunities, step into the unknown to seize their dreams, and take sustainable action.


Creator | Guardian | Static | Observer | Watcher | Survivor | Optimist | Gritty


PerceptionSketch™ is a 48-question assessment designed to discover your awareness of the subconscious beliefs that create what your mind perceives as reality, and help you to understand what dictates your decision-making process, and how it creates your world.

The results provide you with your own perception profile or ‘Sketch’, which outlines your relevant strengths, abilities, attitudes, and mind-set for achieving creative success in life.



In order for you to fully appreciate the value and meaning of your PerceptionSketch™ results, it will be helpful to first understand that your Perception is the one thing that dictates every opportunity you see, every decision you make, and every action you do or don’t take… so it’s important to understand how it works.

“Everything you see – everything – exists in only one place: In here. Inside your head.”

–Dr. Beau Lotto Globally Renowned Neuroscientist

Everything you see and experience is assigned meaning in microseconds by using assumptions based on what’s happened to you in the past. Your mind is a vast database of memories and experiences that are categorized into beliefs, and beliefs are essentially decisions you’ve made based on your experiences that define your world. When you have a new experience your mind does something similar to a Google search, racing through your memories to find a belief created from similar experiences. It then uses that belief to create an assumption to apply meaning to the current experience.

We use assumptions because our brains processes 10 million bits of information a second—which is more than any conscious mind can handle. Perception takes all of that information and filters it down to what your mind determines to be the most critical pieces. Since the  time of our earliest ancestors, perception has had one job and one job only—to keep us safe. Perception doesn’t care if you are happy or sad, successful or failing, creative or unimaginative, fulfilled or frustrated.

And now in today’s world, while your perception rarely needs to keep you safe from predators, it still helps protect you in some circumstances such as playing sports or driving a car. But unfortunately, perception doesn’t work so well with many of modern life’s complexities. Things like problem solving, relationships and taking risks require mindfulness rather than assumptions.

It’s a shift from survival mode to finding success, and it depends upon how well you…

Recognize Opportunities

Make the Right Decisions

Take Sustainable Action

This is where perception often gets in the way, by using ‘assumptions’ instead of ‘mindfulness’ to place meaning on your experiences.

While trying to keep you safe, perception can severely limit your ability to recognize opportunities because your mind has to think creatively instead of using snap decisions.

Perception also impacts the way you make decisions. If the beliefs that fuel your assumptions are untrue, then the meaning you put on your experience is inaccurate. And taking action can be challenging as well, when your perception uses fear of the unknown to keep you safe.

As perception uses assumptions to give meaning to your experiences, your life becomes a pattern—your past is casting a shadow over your future. If your life is not what you want it to be, it’s not because you have done anything wrong. It’s because you made the only decisions you could with the information you had available.

So this is the purpose of perceptionSketch™ … to help you focus on critical perceptions, challenge some of your assumptions, and with mindfulness, encourage you to re-visit those assumptions and become empowered as you Transform Your Life!

Understand for the first time why you see yourself the way you do and how others actually see you.