Share Your Story

Thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting our movement. Powerful U is about U! We are so humbled by the positive response and outpouring of gratitude and insights from our first event. We know so many of you want to hear more from us and, just like us, are excited about what the future holds for Powerful U.

The Powerful U Experience created positive impact because of you! We loved hearing your experiences and, most of all, we loved hearing your stories. Each of us has a story to tell and share with the world. Which is why we want to extend to each of you the opportunity to share your story. The world needs you and to hear your story.

Our Stories Are Powerful

They have the power to keep us stuck and afraid, trapped in a world of fear and shame. They also have the power to unlock the door to a new world. When we share our stories, we bring them out into the light, freeing ourselves from the darkness and secrecy of shame. The beautiful part is how they also help others to do the same. We must “flip the script” on our stories and see them as teaching or growth opportunities. The very things we run from or fear can empower us to great, beautiful things in this world. The world needs you, we need you, and you have the ability already within you to become a new version of yourself. A more Powerful U.

Please click the button below to complete the form and submit a video of you telling your story. You may be selected to come to our studio, to be interviewed by Steph and James, and share it with the world!